Total Branding

$600 $300

BRANDING AND DESIGN is a leading design agency specializing in branding, creative and multiple design solutions; Identity and visual design, …

What do you get?

  • Highly professional and responsive design on all devices
  • All browsers compatible
  • SEO and Mobile friendly structure
  • Speed optimized
  • Best user experience and CTAs
  • Customized design
  • E-commerce with various payment integrations
  • Premium wordpress themes
  • FREE copyrights images and graphics
  • Secured and user friendly admin panel
  • Social media integration
  • Live chat integration
  • Mailchimp or other mailing lists integrations
  • Content upload
  • EXTRA BONUSES and much more…

My digital marketing plan include:

  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Effective traffic channels
  3. Funnel analysis and critique
  4. Ideal client
  5. Target Market opportunity
  6. Consumer Behavior analysis
  7. Marketing strategies report or website critique
  8. Tailored action plan
  9. SEO strategy and tactics or ASO for APP
  10. Ranking strategy
  11. Social media strategy
  12. Positioning
  13. KPI
  14. Marketing calendar
  15. Action plan and recommendationto thrive during the crisis


✅ Color correction, contrast and brightness

✅ Photo Repair

✅ Removing objects or people from the frame

✅ Compositing images together

✅ Cut-outs

✅ Recoloring and tinting

✅ Cropping

✅ Sharpening and Smoothing

✅ Blemish Removal

✅ Photo Manipulation

✅ Product Photos

✅ Infographics

✅ Logo Design


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